LCYDC: Privacy Practices

Privacy Practices

LCYDC vigorously protects the confidentiality of information about persons served and complies with all licensing, accreditation and legal requirements regarding the same. A signed consent for release of confidential information document shall be utilized in instances where specific consumer information is requested. Legal counsel shall be sought in instances where client information is sought through subpoenas, courts, investigative units or others seeking client information without consumer consent. When permitted by law, confidential information may be released without the informed consent of the client and/or legal guardian.

Copies of signed informed consent forms shall be provided to the individual or legal guardian providing the consent; original signed informed consent forms shall be maintained in client records.

LCYDC expressly prohibits the involuntary participation of its consumers in public performances and/or requiring or coercing persons served to make public statements expressing gratitude to LCYDC. Voluntary participation in public performances shall be permitted only with the informed consent of the consumer and his/her parent or legal guardian. LCYDC prohibits the use of surveillance cameras or listening devices for routine observation of persons in their rooms or other private spaces unless required by judicial order, law or contract.

LCYDC expressly prohibits the use of client photographs, videotapes, audio tapes, artwork or creative writing without the informed consent of the client, his/her parent or legal guardian and the referring agency.